I developed Arrowood Minerals to offer the best quality mineral specimens from my personal collection.

Being from my personal collection, I can guarantee the highest quality specimens, at extremely competitive prices! 

Available are hundreds of specimens acquired at major shows, exchanges, purchases, and consignments from other collectors and dealer friends.

If you have additional questions about any of these minerals, please reach out. 

 I will be happy to answer any, and all questions!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy these minerals as much as I have!



Please note the size of the specimen in the description, as most photos have been enlarged or
reduced in size to fit uniformily on the pages. My more recent efforts at photography are an improvement over earlier efforts.  
Some specimens pose problems with reflections or "off color" concerns, so I will usually mention potential concerns if the picture
doesn't accuratly depict the specimen . I usually show a specimen in its proper display face, as well as views from the side or side
angles.  Sometimes a back view or top is shown as well.  If in doubt, ask for additional pics or info and I will send them to you.


When you order specimens, I will reserve your specimens for 3 days pending your confirmation of
the order and your initiation of payment. Specimens will remain on reserve after confirmation for an additional week pending
receipt of payment. If I do not hear from you within these time frames, I will send you an email reminder and return the
specimens to inventory.  Please confirm your order and initiate payment in a timely manner.

Note: Please ask to have a specimen reserved. Asking if it is available will not reserve it. On the rare occurance that it is not
available, I will inform you promtly


If you wish to be put on the list to be contacted when I add new specimens, simply send me your name and email address by
clicking on the link below and I will be glad to add your name to my group mailing.

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Created By : Alexis Knouse